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Buried Treasure

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Click Here to play Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a game where you pay some money (usually 300 NP) and choose a spot on a map to see if the treasure is buried there. You can try once every three hours.

Location: Middle right of Krawk Island

Some people say that this game is random, others not. Although the map seems to be divided into sections where the pegs are, if you notice, as you move your mouse over the map, you will see that there are numbers at the bottom of your browser corresponding to pixels in the map. So those squares with the pegs don't mena anything.

Buried Treasure Prizes:

  1. Nothing!
  2. Neopoints: 500 NP, 1000 NP, 1500 NP, 2000 NP, 5000 NP, 20000 NP
  3. Dubloon Coin: Random.
  4. Booby Prize!: Rancid Old Meat, Yellow Growth, Rock Sprouts, Snout Plant, Buried Burger, Maggoty Spud or Spongy Mound.
  5. Avatar: Completely random, only given while winning another prize.
  6. Jackpot!: The amount of the jackpot is listed above the map.

Tip: During the month of November, each play is 150 NP instead of 300NP.

As I mentioned, apparently there are some who think there is a pattern to finding the treasure. They say that the treasure moves around in groups, and that it can be tracked. Here is a link to one of those sites. Treasure Map

Buried Treasure

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