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Kreludor Meteor


Click Here to go to Kreludor Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ

The Meteor Crash Site is another place for a free chance of prizes. Take a chance and poke the meteor. You can visit multiple times a day, about every few hours.

Most of the time you will get nothing, and the meteor will vanish. If you visit too often, a Grundy Scientist will run at you and tell you to leave.

Location: There seems not be an actual location on Kreludor. You need to visit the link above directly.

Prizes: After you poke the meteor with a stick you can receive these prizes:

Pie just the way your gnfard used to make.
Spiced Apple Pie

This re-inforced steel helmet will protect you from strong blows, one size fits all.
Proto-force 5000 Helmet

This gourmet dessert is packed full of sugary goodness.
Sugarbunny Surprise

Eww all kinds of nastiness is oozing around this spooky window.
Slime covered window

A high-tech book that you read by pressing the left or right buttons.
Attack On Kreludor

A good honest meal, full of beany goodness.
Intergalactic Spiced Beans

This small capsule contains the most refreshing drink. Perfect for any thirsty adventurer.
Green Tea

Potted tentacles live quite well in dark damp areas.
Potted Tentacles

A dessert or a meal. You decide.
Cherries Jubalee

Finest salisbury steak topped with mashed potato and then squashed flat!
Squashed Salisbury Steak

This tater-tots are quite tasty and light.
Space Tots

Ooh la la. Prime re-hydrated chicken, condensed milk and a little special something.
Chicken Cordon Bleu

These  biscuits are shapped to look like tentacles.
Tenta Biscuits

This plant is known to break out of its pot and move around in order to surprise Neopets.
Snap Blorga

A squidgy slab of dirt complete with roots and all!
Dirt Pie

This dish is space fungus with a yummy cheese sauce.
Tasty Fungus

Where did this rock come from...
Glowing Rock

Meteor bites are tasty licorice candies in the shape of meteors!
Meteor Bites

This bomb can create an explosive situation in almost any arena!
MechaBerry Bomb

Make sure you sprinkle this tree with plenty of water and dirt.
Upsidown Tree

Who would have thought a spore would give off so much light.
Space Fungus Spore

This shiny rock is quite sharp.
Meteor Rock

How we manage to get all the flavour of those messy cakes in one simple handy tube is a mystery.
Blueberry Gateaux

The Mibblie is often mistaken for a rock.   This is a slow moving Petpet that tends to blend in to most environments.

This really doesnt look like something you should eat!
Slime Sundae

This little guy often makes a slurping type sound and may use its tentacles to grab on to things.

This tulip just doesnt seem to stay together right.
Antigravity Tulip

Its cold, sweet, sugary and everything your parents told you not to eat.
Iceberg Sundae

This Petpet is part plant, so make sure it gets plenty of water and light.

Bubble... bubble... bubble... SPLAT
Unstable slime

This little Petpet might look fierce, but it is actually quite lovable.

Mmmm Slime!!!!

Beautiful balloons in all shapes and sizes.

This coffee will continue to bubble and froth until you have drank every last drop.
Festering Coffee