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Test Your Strength

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Click Here to test your strength

The cost is 100 NP to test your strength. Take the mallet and hit the red button as hard as you can! The higher the level goes, the better your prize. Most of the time you will get a worthless spooky prize, to getting about 250 NP.

Even though it is a strength test, the level of your pet's strength won't make a difference in this game.

Location: The Deserted Fairground

Tip: You don't need to click in the center of the red button. Using your mouse pointer, you can see that you can click anywhere on the button, even on the very edge where the black line is. I've found that I get a better prize when not clicking in the center.

Tip: There is a rumor out there that says that if you hold the mouse button down for a little while before letting go, that you may get a better chance of achieving a higher score.

Levels of Test Your Strength:

test strength